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6th International Conference -From FEAR to TRUST to COOPERATION

 13.–15.05.2021 | Linz


New Authority & Non Violent Resistance in Human Relations and Society
The 6th International Conference 13. - 15. May 2021 Linz, Austria

The aim of the conference is to show ways and means off how we can take fears seriously, overcome them, prevent tendencies of retreat and isolation and ensure that we open ourselves to others and treat each other with consideration.

The conference wants to bring together and discuss the conditions necessary for cooperation to enable us to connect with each other in a trusting way, to stand up with respect and resolution for values and issues that are important to us.

We are proud to be the hosts of this international event that will join and present ideas, thoughts, methods and research along with professionals involved in NVR ideas.

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) interventions were initially developed 20 years ago by Haim Omer as part of a parent-training approach for helpless parents. Ever since, the approach has evolved into a comprehensive therapeutic model, helping various caregivers (e.g. parents, foster carers, teachers, psychiatric staff) to respond constructively and effectively to a wide range of child problems.
The NVR approach today is being implemented, adapted and developed further for a broad variety of clinical, educational and pedagogical contexts. It is appliable to situations and conditions such as community policing, work with policemen, leadership in organisations and many more.

This is an exceptional opportunity to revisit NVRs origins, explore its future and meet new faces and experts with a leading role in NVR evolution.

Join us for three exciting days full of learning, collaboration and innovation.




Private University of Education
Diocese of Linz
Salesianumweg 3, 4020 Linz, Austria